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SBOSE part 2 reflective blog

February 27, 2008

I don’t know what’s happened to the month but its flown by. Rather late creating this blog, but now I have an handle on it I hope I can write something thats worthy. The moral is don’t go away at critical times such as the start of semster B at Leeds Met and start of SBOSE part 2, I like Simon promised no excuses so here goes.

 What I have got from the course so far ?

 1. That it is great to talk to other colleagues and students about something which binds us together … education. We all came into the business from different directions and for many different reasons, its great to share those during the discussions.

2. I have generally enjoyed the theory ie I seem to have blasted through the last 25 years of teaching after throwing away my PGCE notes and adapting to my own style of teaching ( don’t laugh colleagues !), don’t forget that we are all different characters and have our own way of delivering to the many different styles of learner. I have an APD in Teaching in HE, Fellow of the HE academy and numerous other courses that have dealt with the theoretical aspects of  Assessment and Learning and Teaching, it used to be TLA when I first started !! However I have enjoyed sharing those thoughts and had the occasional light bulb moment when I thought, that theory fits our practice, or we have been doing that for years but never thought of a fancy name for it before. Some of the papers were inspirational, others made you think, whats the point of this paper ie beyond my limits of comprehension, although that is probably my background.

3. I loved the great examples you showed us on the different tools and techniques that are available for WebCT Vista, I used some of your ideas when I produced my individual project for part 1 ie :-

Blocked progressive tasks and assessment, a variety of different mediums, although I only had audio in Youtube and the Web Trailers, not audio such as your podcasts, will try though. I have encouraged both my level 2 and 3 to keep Wikis for the management and administration of their projects. Also Chat rooms to encourage on-line communities ie they don’t always meet up as teams, most of them like to run up enormous mobile phone bills ie we cannot make them become an on-line community.

4. Most of all its good to hear what you as tutors have related ie its not easy to be an on-line tutor ie the 3 rules, be there, be there, be there. Also as much as we admire and value group work, it is very hard to manage and can be very demanding, especially when things don’t work out between students. I know that you are just as busy as us and have the same work specific problems.

The implications for me is to become more hopeful about the value of e-learning ie its not just a way of organising learning for the masses but can be a unique learning environment for the different types of learner as outlined in your student scenarous. Parloff and Pratt give some good guidelines, some stating the obvious, others a little utopian ie that will never happen in the real world ie videoconferencing for all ( or will it ?). For me I hope that I can help make my work more interesting and enjoyable and if we can reach out to students who would never otherwise enjoy Higher Education, then that is a good thing.

 Steve 27,2.08