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Reflective Blog Analysis (audio)

April 5, 2008

Well here is another blog,

just returned from Hull University’s Open Day as my son is interested in studying Accountancy there. Very interesting to see how they deliver their curriculum, many exams, 6 written reports and a fair bit of on-line blackboard work. They were very clear that the main modules were in lectures of around 400. However very interesting and flexible course ie many different routes and options. They did not seem to have the number of 15point modules that we have, in fact they were rather large and spread over the 2 semesters, makes you wonder about our 7 week block system that we have. Are we doing the right thing in teaching and assessing a very technical subject over such a short period of time ?

A big problem is turning around marking and giving feedback in such a short time, especially when we have 270 students on 2 * 7 week blocks. I know Simon has been investigating a JISC project on Audio feedback, if this helps give quicker and more comprehensive feedback then tthis will be a great help. anothe issue is the stress on staff who have to work quickly to get results to the office at the end of each block. I have spoken to a few people with carpal tunnel problems, RSI etc, again audio would help here. I think it would also enhance the material, although all my screen casts contain audio, perhaps a simple audio only explanation of principles and technical detials would help. Hwever the subject id 3D Animation which is a very visual subject.

I will find some theory to support these ideas.