CTC Bike Ride


To enjoy ourselves, the beautiful countryside and appreciate the different cultures of the different regions.


From Workington to Tynemouth


Day 1

Train from Leeds to Carlise then Carlisle to Workington

05:29 Leeds [LDS] Platform 5A Workington [WKG] 09:31 4h 02m More details on the 05:29 service from Leeds to Workington

cheapest fare

Single Fare


 Cycle 31 miles to Youth Hostel in Keswick , stay the night there, lovely town, much culture

Day 2

Cycle 45 miles from Keswick to Alston ( up hill to highest market town in England), stay the night there, at the Youth Hostel, great little town, much culture.

Day 3

Cycle 64 miles from Alston to Tynemouth (mostly down hill !), stay the night at daughters flat in Newcastle, celebrate at Crown Passada.

Day 4

Train, Newcastle to Leeds.

10:17 Newcastle [NCL] Platform 5 Leeds [LDS] Platform 16A 11:52 1h 35m 0 More details on the 10:17 service from Newcastle to Leeds

cheapest fare

Single Fare

£16.00 Advance More fares


Train to Workington very expensive, suggest alternative from Alston??

Progressive distances, first 2 days are toughish, many hills. Final day, long but easier going.

Train home much cheaper, but will have to book bikes on, with Cross Country Trains

Suggestions? Comments?


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