Computer Engineering Systems

Many of the advances this century have relied on engineers, whose skills can encompass many areas, from the programming of smart devices to that can control systems in a variety of ways. For example modern cars may now have separate computer control systems that have been programmed to monitor both engine speed, fuel consumption and the input from the driver. These systems communicate over a network in order to achieve optimal engine efficiency with engine performance. This is true now for many industrial systems that require communication between many devices in order to for these complex systems to work. The need to understand both hardware and software design of these systems is vital, as well as the need to integrate distributed systems using networking is also a vital skill. The understanding of electronics required in order to control these electrical systems, is also a necessity in order to control motors, monitor sensors and communicate system parameters via a network.

This course has been designed for such engineers in mind. There are three clear themes of software design hardware applications and networking in order to achieve this level of subject integration


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